New Botster Layout
27 May 2015, 17:52
Botster's layout has been redesigned again. It now works on all browsers (including older ones), and its responsiveness has been improved too for easier use on smaller screened devices. This should make Botster more accessible to everyone.

After investigating poor responses in Botster's log, it has been discovered the similar utterance search wasn't working correctly. The database table has now been repaired, which drastically improved the search's matches. This bug has probably gone back years undiscovered.

All of Botster's old conversations stretching back to when they first started being recorded (start of 2011) have been dug out from backups and re-added. The total number of conversations is now just under 20 thousand. Botster's brain currently contains a large amount of spam which was let in from older learning systems. We plan to look into using these conversations to re-generate Botster's brain, running it through the current, up-to-date filtering system. If this re-generation experiment creates a better brain that what's current it could be used regularly to keep the brain maintained.

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