Lentech open-source redesign
14 Apr 2015, 10:42
After 1 and a half years, the Lentech website has finally got round to getting another update. As you can see, the main change is a complete revamp of the layout. It's pretty, but the bigger news is that it's now fully responsive which means it works well on all devices such as phones and tablets. There has also been a few minor functional updates including a like post feature and dedicated chatbox page.

As you may know already, Lentech is taking an excitingly new direction into the world of open source. This website is no different as we've released the full source code onto GitHub under the GPL licence: https://github.com/lentech/lentech . Anyone is now able to set up the project and contribute new features, bug fixes, or any kind of improvement to the website!

Now we're using GitHub, our development workflow has changed considerably from our previous one. Working on many updates at one time can take months or years (as demonstrated with this update) and makes the website stagnate. Now we are able to work on features simultaneously and ship them to the live site immediately on completion. For users this means a much more constant flow of smaller updates. We will be using this same workflow for all of our current and future projects.

Hopefully the new design and updates proceeding will kick-start some activity back into this community.

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