Botsta Update
9 Apr 2013, 03:30
There's been a major update to Botsta! It's been around 2 years since the last major update to Botsta so this update's long overdue. The update quickens Botsta's response speed from around 3 seconds to virtually instant. The update has also improved it's brain searching ability by tenfold which means a lot better responses than previously.

Change log:
- Botsta's database has been completely restructured.
- Botsta's code has been rewritten as OO and modernised.
- Botsta now stores how many times a sentence has been said. It uses this information by learning the most said sentences before the rest.
- Fixed a major bug in the spell checker, it now doesn't allow a lot of mispelled words such as "ohhhhhhhhhhhh".
- Logs page has been removed which means conversations with Botsta are now private.
- Layout now uses CSS3 instead of images.
- Background has been dulled. (no more bleeding eyes)
- Undecoded HTML characters bug when defining words has been fixed.
- No fullstop bug has been fixed.
- Botsta now supports commas. Before it removed them which was a bit silly.
- New icons.
- A new lab page which gives public access to some of Botsta's more experimental features.
- The contraction translator which converted contractions to their meaning has been removed. It was removed because sentences like "Don't you?" got converted to "Do not you?" which doesn't sound correct.
- Botsta's previous brain searching was terrible and rarely worked which was why Botsta gave really poor responses most of the time. It has now been fixed and perfected.
- The website now sizes down so it can easily be used on tablet and mobile devices.
- Everything that Botsta does with an input is now fully logged which will greatly help in debugging and improving Botsta.
- Botsta's brain has been put through it's new spam filter and as a result, 4,757 out of 83,087 sentences have been deleted. That should be the end of the spam.
- Botsta now stores the word definitions it downloads from the web which means it only has to download them once making Botsta a lot faster.

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