Website Update
17 Nov 2012, 19:09
The following updates have been made to the website:

- Stopped guests from posting on the shoutbox.
- Flipped the shoutbox (latest posts are now at the top).
- Fixed the shoutbox /me command.
- Changed the online list to show display pictures.
- Improved the navigation's appearance.
- Added a post search to the Lenton Community.
- Fixed the registering as a female bug.
- Services and games have been grouped together on the new "Products" page.
- Added the ability to change your gender and set an Xbox gamertag on the accounts page.
- Admins and moderators can now view all messages made via the contact form.
- Fixed the error when uploading a display picture.
- All timestamps are now in a user friendly format.
- Updated the Usage Policy and added a Privacy Policy.
- Information now remains in fields if you submit a form and get an error.
- Usernames now may not contain an underscore.
- Added pages to threads, boards, search results, messages, etc.
- Added a new page called "People" where you can view and search for every member of Lenton.
- Messages are now grouped into conversations.
- You can now have group conversations with up to 10 people.
- Improved the security of the 'Remember Me' feature.
- Removed users email address from public profiles.
- Modified the Lenton Logo and icon.
- Profile page has been improved.
- Many other smaller improvements.
9 Dec 2012, 16:13
Wow! That's a lot of changes. Good job, man!
I don't misspell words. I just customise the arrangement of the letters to my liking.

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