27 May 2015
Botster's layout has been redesigned again. It now works on all browsers (including older ones), and its responsiveness has been improved too for easier use on smaller screened devices. This should make Botster more accessible to everyone.

After investigating poor responses in Botster's log, it has been discovered the similar utterance search wasn't working correctly. The database table has now been repaired, which drastically improved the search's matches. This bug has probably gone back years undiscovered.

All of Botster's old conversations stretching back to when they first started being recorded (start of 2011) have been dug out from backups and re-added. The total number of conversations is now just under 20 thousand. Botster's brain currently contains a large amount of spam which was let in from older learning systems. We plan to look into using these conversations to re-generate Botster's brain, running it through the current, up-to-date filtering system. If this re-generation experiment creates a better brain that what's current it could be used regularly to keep the brain maintained.
14 April 2015
After 1 and a half years, the Lentech website has finally got round to getting another update. As you can see, the main change is a complete revamp of the layout. It's pretty, but the bigger news is that it's now fully responsive which means it works well on all devices such as phones and tablets. There has also been a few minor functional updates including a like post feature and dedicated chatbox page.

As you may know already, Lentech is taking an excitingly new direction into the world of open source. This website is no different as we've released the full source code onto GitHub under the GPL licence: . Anyone is now able to set up the project and contribute new features, bug fixes, or any kind of improvement to the website!

Now we're using GitHub, our development workflow has changed considerably from our previous one. Working on many updates at one time can take months or years (as demonstrated with this update) and makes the website stagnate. Now we are able to work on features simultaneously and ship them to the live site immediately on completion. For users this means a much more constant flow of smaller updates. We will be using this same workflow for all of our current and future projects.

Hopefully the new design and updates proceeding will kick-start some activity back into this community.
23 June 2014
We have changed our name yet again. I'm confident that this is the name we will settle with and not change it any more.

The name is a combination of "Lenton" and "technology" and because it's now only one word it offers a much shorter domain name than we had previously. We no longer use the .com extension but instead .org. This is because we want to take Lentech in the direction of an (almost) non-profit organisation instead of a commercial entity.

The new domain is:
17 December 2013
I've made the decision to discontinue Webplates due to its niche and already packed market. I feel it's best to stop this service and concentrate my efforts on others which have a greater chance to get somewhere.

It's not all a loss however because Webplates helped to build a stable framework and code such as the payment system can be reused on other projects.

Instead of the Webplates update as promised you can expect an update to Lenton Tech fairly soon.
9 October 2013
The Lenton Technology website has been recoded and transferred to our new framework. In the process it's got a few new updates too (in order of awesomeness):

- Total layout redesign by Aaron - modern, flat, "fullscreen"
- New logo has been updated
- Added support for high resolution avatar pictures
- Added more BB tags such as the img tag!
- Added age to profile
- Added latest posts to profile
- Clean URLs
- Improved password security - please change your password to get this addition
- Added functionality to the admin panel
- Register now doesn't require a gender

The messaging system and people page has been temporary removed but will be added back in a forthcoming update.

The next update will be for Webplates, but don't worry Vanrethians I'll be designing Vanreth in the the background.
9 April 2013
There's been a major update to Botsta! It's been around 2 years since the last major update to Botsta so this update's long overdue. The update quickens Botsta's response speed from around 3 seconds to virtually instant. The update has also improved it's brain searching ability by tenfold which means a lot better responses than previously.

Change log:
- Botsta's database has been completely restructured.
- Botsta's code has been rewritten as OO and modernised.
- Botsta now stores how many times a sentence has been said. It uses this information by learning the most said sentences before the rest.
- Fixed a major bug in the spell checker, it now doesn't allow a lot of mispelled words such as "ohhhhhhhhhhhh".
- Logs page has been removed which means conversations with Botsta are now private.
- Layout now uses CSS3 instead of images.
- Background has been dulled. (no more bleeding eyes)
- Undecoded HTML characters bug when defining words has been fixed.
- No fullstop bug has been fixed.
- Botsta now supports commas. Before it removed them which was a bit silly.
- New icons.
- A new lab page which gives public access to some of Botsta's more experimental features.
- The contraction translator which converted contractions to their meaning has been removed. It was removed because sentences like "Don't you?" got converted to "Do not you?" which doesn't sound correct.
- Botsta's previous brain searching was terrible and rarely worked which was why Botsta gave really poor responses most of the time. It has now been fixed and perfected.
- The website now sizes down so it can easily be used on tablet and mobile devices.
- Everything that Botsta does with an input is now fully logged which will greatly help in debugging and improving Botsta.
- Botsta's brain has been put through it's new spam filter and as a result, 4,757 out of 83,087 sentences have been deleted. That should be the end of the spam.
- Botsta now stores the word definitions it downloads from the web which means it only has to download them once making Botsta a lot faster.
10 February 2013
Webplates has been updated!

It now uses a new custom framework which makes the website more consistent, secure, and development a lot easier. All of our other web applications will be ported to this framework once it's stable.

PayPal is now integrated into Webplates which means you can finally buy templates.

We also decided to open webplates up to other website developers who are willing to sell their template. You can find out how at

The next update is going to be for Botsta. I ambitiously aim to improve his intelligence to the standard of the best chatbots out there today.
17 November 2012
The following updates have been made to the website:

- Stopped guests from posting on the shoutbox.
- Flipped the shoutbox (latest posts are now at the top).
- Fixed the shoutbox /me command.
- Changed the online list to show display pictures.
- Improved the navigation's appearance.
- Added a post search to the Lenton Community.
- Fixed the registering as a female bug.
- Services and games have been grouped together on the new "Products" page.
- Added the ability to change your gender and set an Xbox gamertag on the accounts page.
- Admins and moderators can now view all messages made via the contact form.
- Fixed the error when uploading a display picture.
- All timestamps are now in a user friendly format.
- Updated the Usage Policy and added a Privacy Policy.
- Information now remains in fields if you submit a form and get an error.
- Usernames now may not contain an underscore.
- Added pages to threads, boards, search results, messages, etc.
- Added a new page called "People" where you can view and search for every member of Lenton.
- Messages are now grouped into conversations.
- You can now have group conversations with up to 10 people.
- Improved the security of the 'Remember Me' feature.
- Removed users email address from public profiles.
- Modified the Lenton Logo and icon.
- Profile page has been improved.
- Many other smaller improvements.
18 July 2012
Lenton Productions has been changed to Lenton Technology.

The new domain is:

The reasoning for this is that productions sounds more like a films production company, not an online service provider which we are. Under the name technology it also means we have the freedom to a lot more things. An additional bonus from the new name is technology can be shortened to tech which means our new domain is a lot shorter.

Our old domain will be redirected to our new one until the end of this year which gives people plenty of time to find us and take note of the new address.

Company name and domain changes will be made on all of our websites soon.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks!
17 July 2012
JS puzzle has been removed from our list of games and its development has been discontinued. JS Puzzle was more of a fun experiment in learning JavaScript and was never really planned to be made into anything more serious.

Development efforts can now be focused more on finishing Vanreth. I plan to integrate some sort of graphical gameplay to Vanreth, maybe something similar to JS puzzle.
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