About us

Who are we?

We are Lentech, an organisation which develops unique and intriguing technological projects that we hope will benefit the world. We see ourselves as an organisation that wants to do good in the world and we demonstrate that with the many reasons listed in our philosophy below. We are currently quite small with few active projects but we hope to carry on expanding and achieve great things.

What we create

We gravitate towards developing projects which are unique, challenging, experimental, fun, revolutionary, never-been-attempted (and lots of other positive adjectives too). We ensure all our projects are accessible to everyone which is why they are free (or at least partly) and use the very open distribution platform known as the world wide web. Our services aim to be as simple to use as possible while allowing the user to retain great power, control, and freedom over what they can achieve.

Our philosophy

We are different to seemingly most companies, as our main priority isn't how much money we can earn, but how many people we can help. It may sound cliché but we really do mean it. The following are our values and promises:

50% of profits go to charity

To really prove that we're a good organisation, half of all our profits are donated to a charity of our choice. We mostly favour donating to medical research charities because we believe they are key to saving many lives in the long-term. So, when you use one of our paid services you can feel proud of yourself knowing that half of the money will be donated to a good cause.

Open source

All of our projects are released open source which means anyone can freely contribute or even derive something completely new from them. We are huge supporters of open source software because it empowers the user and helps us to develop high quality software. Any other person or organisation is able to host and develop their own version of a project which eradicates monopolisation and grants users choice of vendor. We release under the GPL licence because it enforces that any changes made must also be released open source and doesn't allow non open source projects to benefit from our work.


We aim to make all of our services accessible for free for the most part. If we do require payment for a service then we will make sure that the price is not unfair or over charging the user.


We want to be honest with our users by keeping our organisation and projects transparent. We make sure any charges are clear and up front, so you know exactly what you're getting for what price, without any frustrating surprises. All our legal information tries to use unambiguous wording to make it easier to understand.

Join us

If you would like to join our ever growing community, simply create your own Lentech account and become an active participant in any one of our projects.